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What is NetSpend prepaid debit card? Similar to equivalent product released by another financing company, this type of card enables its user to load a certain amount of money into the card. That card can be used to perform various transactions, such as online and offline shopping. Paying bills becomes easier since you can do it using this card, especially because there is an online login feature that can be enjoyed when you establish a prepaid account. There are many other features that user can bask in when having this card.

Everything You Need to Know about NetSpend and the Products

What is NetSpend card’s benefit? Well, having this card certainly has more than one benefit. Perhaps the best thing about this card is its wide network which spreads across United States. You can get this card in various places around the country, such as Wal-Mart and CVS. Applicant does not need to have excellent credit score because there is no credit checking when you are obtaining this card. This company is also insured by FDIC, so its customers are protected well.

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What is NetSpend account’s feature that customer will gain? Card holder is able to access their account through their own personal devices. Through this NetSpend sign in, customer can efficiently manage their account better. Loading checks through smartphone is made possible by mobile application offered by this company. In addition to that, customer can monitor every transaction that happens within their account because of instant notification feature. Setting up payment schedule can also be done using smartphone app so there will be no case of missing payment.

Those features are certainly interesting, but there is more. What is NetSpend another feature that can be enjoyed? You can actually reload the card in many places all over the country easily without charge. This card can also be used anywhere as long as payment network written on the card is accepted. You do not need to load money according to minimum amount. In a particular card, you can even conduct wire transfer worldwide.

However, using this prepaid debit card also has its catches. Uninformed individual may be suprised to find out that owning this card can be costly. What is NetSpend card’s disadvantageous feature? Its overall fee is the card’s most disadvantageous feature. You will be charged for certain activities that come for free in conventional debit card. If you are withdrawing money from ATM using your prepaid card, you will have to pay a fee.

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What is NetSpend overall fee plan? In addition to charging $2.50 for every cash withdrawal within the country, there is also a monthly maintenance fee that needs to be paid. You can choose the $5.00 or $9.95 fee plan which already includes signature and PIN transaction fees. If you choose not to make monthly payment, you will be charged when conducting those two activities.

What is NetSpend contact information? You can call NetSpend customer service at 1-866-387-7363. This number is available every day from morning to evening. You can also email your concern to [email protected] anytime of the day.