What Is the Security Code on a Credit Card

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The main function of a credit card is for transactions, whether it is offline or online. When you do shopping offline in a store, the credit card will be swiped in EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine. This step is executed in order to get the credit card’s number and on that moment, the transaction will occur. However, what is the security code on a credit card, and why is it important? This will be discussed in this article.

What is The Security Code on A Credit Card? Let’s Find It Out

Credit card holders have to know the parts printed in a credit card to do safe, secure credit card transactions. In online transactions, it is usually requested to type out CVV (Card Verification Value) or CVC (Card Verification Code) as a final verification in that transaction. This code is also known as Credit Card Security Code.

Before talking further about the security code, it is good to know about the different parts printed on your credit card. On the front part of the credit card, there is at least five of information printed out: the credit card class, bank logo (credit card issuer), credit card number, credit card holder’s name, and credit card type (Visa or MasterCard).

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The reverse side of the credit card contains this information: A printed credit card number, card holder’s sign, 3 special numbers, and the name of the bank that issued that credit card. So, which one is the credit card security code? Don’t let this confusion make you cancel your online transaction. The security code is the last three numbers printed on the back of your credit card. If your card is a Visa, it is called CVV. If the card is a MasterCard, it is called CVC. Now you know “what is the security code on a credit card”.

The security code of a credit card is an electronic transaction security system initiated by VISA and Mastercard. Mastercard has applied this security system since 1997, and VISA started using this security system circa 2001. In October 2003, the security code usage was made available across all credit cards to protect customers when doing online transactions.

By knowing “what is the security code on a credit card”, the credit card issuer will trust the authenticity of your transactions, especially those with a huge nominal. If this code is not included during the transactions, don’t wonder why the transactions cannot be done or your credit card gets blocked automatically. This is a preventive step done by the bank to avoid crimes connected to credit card usage.

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What is the security code on a credit card? Now you know the answer to that question. Always remember to use your credit card responsibly, and all transactions will be carried out smoothly. By using the security code on the credit card, your transactions are guaranteed to be more secure. It is not necessary to be worried when requested to input these numbers when doing online transactions. Remember to keep the secrecy of your credit card information to avoid misuse by irresponsible parties.