Where Can I Load My Netspend Card

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The NetSpend card is a widely used prepaid card that does not require you to have a minimum balance and you don’t have to get checked for credit in the application process. All of the transactions done with the NetSpend card are insuranced by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to this day. The card can be used anywhere, as long as Mastercard Visa and Debit can be used. All NetSpend card holders can make purchases inside stores, shop via telephone and online, also withdraw money from all automatic teller machines around the world. If you ask yourself “where can I load my NetSpend card” often, you don’t have to worry because it can be done almost everywhere.

Several Ways to Reload NetSpend Card

Funds can be added into your NetSpend account by directly making a deposit, bank account transfer, NetSpend account transfer, or using a NetSpend reload network location. However, if you choose one of those ways, you will be charged an extra fee. The only way to recharge your NetSpend card without any additional fees is by using the online account central of NetSpend.

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The first way to answer your question of where can I load my Netspend card is transferring the money to your account. When you first create your NetSpend account, you will be prompted whether or not you want to open a saving account and connect it to the card. It is recommended to do so, because by using your saving account, you can recharge your card anytime using one of the services provided by NetSpend (call, website, or app).

If you don’t have your own NetSpend saving account, you can ask for help from one of your colleagues or family members to transfer the amount of money needed to your card. To use this service for free, make sure you are doing it online.

Remember the sentence that says you can reload your card almost everywhere? It is not a joke. There are more than one hundred and thirty thousand locations that you can visit in order to reload your card. And how to find where can I load my Netspend card? Well, it can be done via the website or using the official application.

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Convenience stores, shopping centers, and other places you usually visit provide this service in their location. This includes Walmart and 7-eleven. However, when you reload your card in these locations, there will be an additional $3.95 fee.

What if you can’t find anywhere to reload NetSpend Card? If you fail to find the locations where can I load my Netspend card, don’t lose hope because reloading your Netspend card can also be done within the application provided by Netspend. Whether you are using an Android or Apple smartphone, you can use the application. Search for the mobile check load option to upload a photo of your check. The photo will then be sent to Netspend’s operator that will verify your payment. Most of the times, this process is completed in minutes and you can immediately use the funds loaded into your card.