Where Can I Reload My Netspend Card

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Where can I reload my NetSpend card? This company has always prided itself to have 130,000 locations where customer can refill their card with the amount that they want. These locations are scattered across the country, from West Coast to East Coast. You can easily find retailers within your district; some even make the service available every day at any hour. Let’s explore a little bit more about reloading system before learning where you can do it.

Reloading NetSpend Card without a Fuss

With continuous purchase and other forms of transactions, you will find that your card balance gets lower. You can actually add money to up the balance again. There are four ways to get your prepaid debit card reloaded. The first way is to do Direct Deposit. It means dumping your job’s paychecks and other benefits straight into your account. Every month or every time you receive your wage, your card will be reloaded automatically.

The second way to do that is by transferring funds from your other accounts to this prepaid one. The process differs depending on your bank’s regulation. Some banks will charge for the transfer process but others may not. This transfer can also occur from one prepaid account to another within the same company. You can receive transfer from an account that you own or from another person’s account.

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Reloading your card can also be done through entering code you find at reload pack that you purchase. How does this work? Where can I reload my NetSpend card using such pack? Well, the process begins by buying a pack at appointed retailer. You will get a pack on which you can find code number. The number can be processed through login account or by phone. If you are using your online account, you only need to type in the code.

Another way that you can do is by using cash to load the card. To do this, you can bring your prepaid card to retailer that is participating with the program. Simply gives officer your money and by swiping the card, it will be reloaded to amount that you want. Usually retailer that sells the pack also provides cash reloading service like this. Both methods are usually accompanied with charges.

How to know where can I reload my NetSpend card near my area? You can follow these simple steps to do that.

  • Access the prepaid card managing company’s site at http://www.netspend.com
  • Go to dropdown menu named “Prepaid Cards”
  • Select “Reload Locations”
  • Type down your general address such as city and district information into the search bar. You can also activate the GPS to do this for more precise search results
  • Click “Enter” on your keyboard
  • On the right side of the page you will find a list of retailers that are located near your area
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Hopefully information that is shared in this article will help you answering: where can I reload my NetSpend card? It is better to research first so you can get the best pricing.