Where is the Security Code on a Credit Card

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Credit card contains information, such as card number, bank or card issuer, and cardholder. They are located at front or back side depending on type of card. Usually, this card has magnetic stripe at back side to do point of sales transaction. Besides card number, there is also specific printed number called security card. So, where is the security code on a credit card?

What is Card Security Code?

You may ask about card security code on credit card and the differences with regular card number. For your information, card number is account to identify that you are legitimate holder. Each card has unique 16-digit number that represents single account. You will not find two cards that have the same number at all.

On contrary, credit card security code is the number to verify transaction. One card might have the same number due to similar card issuer or bank. It works like PIN, but only for emergency verification. Moreover, it is also feature for security purpose when doing transaction without card presents.

Where is the security code on a credit card? To answer this question, you can look directly to majority of card issuer. MasterCard and Visa put security code at back side at the left corner above magnetic stripe. It contains printed 3-digit number. Meanwhile, American Express uses front side at left corner next to card number. It has 4-digit number.

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This number has varied names, such as card verification value or code. Those names have the reason because the number is very practical to verify transaction when PIN is not available. Merchant uses it to prevent fraud and make sure the card user is legal holder.

Benefits for Having Security Card on Credit Card

After knowing about where is the security code on a credit card, you need to understand its benefits. Interesting thing about this code is printed mode, not embossed. To know what number is on the card, you need to look it closely. It brings suspicious action when merchants do it. It is the first basic security feature because PIN is usually manual entered. Most of merchants do not include card security code on transaction process. They do not store this number at their transaction record in order to prevent security compromised.

Credit card is useful when you want to pay or purchase anything without going to store. Today, this activity is common due to online store and digital marketplace. You do not use magnetic strip to do point of sales transaction. On contrary, you should provide card number and verification code to make sure the transaction comes from legitimate owner.

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This number is called as security or verification code, but there is limitation. You cannot avoid phishing from online or fraudulent website. Cardholder is able to be tricked to enter this code without realizing this situation. When the code is compromised, the card might do some transactions via online or digital mode that identified as fraud. However, you still need to know about where is the security code on a credit card and make sure not to give it to others easily.