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Prepaid card is soon becoming a favorite alternative to conventional banking account. Many people are using this card because they believe that it helps them managing finance in more efficient way. MetaBank releases Western Union NetSpend prepaid card with MasterCard payment network to the consumers. The user of this card is offered so many useful features including WU NetSpend Login account. This login account can be accessed through various different platforms. There are various advantages that you can gain from having this online access. Aren’t you curious to learn more about it?

Getting the Card and Western Union NetSpend Login Account

Having this particular card means that you have a prepaid card with power to transfer money worldwide. Card user is able to receive and send money via Western Union wire transfer quickly. Paying utility bills and online shopping can be done easily too. Especially since WU NetSpend Login account is a part of the overall service. Every transaction can be done in timely manner. Direct Deposit feature also allows user to immediately forward their paychecks to the account.

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So, how can you get the gorgeous features such as WU NetSpend Login account? Well, you need to get the card first. Luckily, there is no minimum requirement for credit rating. You can apply for the card online by accessing its website at https://www.wunetspendprepaid.com/. Applicant will be asked to fill in personal information, pick features that they want in their card, and choose the card presentation. Usually it will take seven to ten days to receive your new card in the mail.

After you are receiving your card, you need to activate it so it can be used effectively. The online activation also works to establish your login information for WU NetSpend Login account. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Visit the activation page at https://www.wunetspendprepaid.com/account/activate
  • User is required to fill the 16-digit card number and 3-digit security code which can be found on the card
  • Select “Continue”
  • After that, you will be asked to create username and password to access WU NetSpend Login account
  • Select “Register”
  • The login account credentials have been established and your card can be utilized for transactions.
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How advantageous WU NetSpend Login account is? This login account can load your check without having to manually bring it to the counter. By taking picture of it, the check will be cashed into your prepaid account. Transferring money can be done quicker because there is a fast access icon for money transfer. Another great feature of this online tool is Anytime Alert. It will send you notification whenever a transaction involving your account occurs. When you receive a money transfer, you will immediately be notified.

To access your login account, you can visit its website using your personal computer at https://www.wunetspendprepaid.com/account/login. Fill in the credentials and you can use its features. For more convenient access to your WU NetSpend Login account, you can use your smartphone instead. The mobile app is available for smartphone with iOS and Android system. The app is offered for free at Apple Store and Play Store.