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As one of the biggest financial services providers, Western Union is growing more and more concerned about the well-being of their customers’ financial problems. This is proved by their action to provide their customers a service where they could optimally assist the finance of their customer. That is, by providing a WU Netspend Prepaid service for their customer to use and enjoy.

In easing their customer, Western Union assures you that every cardholder is able to apply the paycheck or other government benefits as the direct deposit. Not only that, every user of WU Netspend Prepaid service is also able to receive their WU Money Transfer directly on their Netspend Cards. As if those two are not enough, another thing that the cardholder can enjoy is the ability to transfer their money directly from their local bank. More to that, there are thousands reload locations of Netspend provided by Western Union for their cardholders just in case they want to reload some money into the card.

All those features offered by WU Netspend Prepaid service are available just with the cost of couples of bucks. Later, when you finally able to lay your hands on your very card, there are more features which you are able to enjoy. One of them is the unlimited transaction of purchase for only five dollars per month. This is the best price which ever being offered by Western Union Company.

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WU Netspend Prepaid Application

By reading all those listed features on the previous paragraph, there may be a little voice in your mind which bugging you to apply for this WU Netspend Prepaid service. Nah, don’t be surprised, it is not and odd thing either because that is a load of features for sure. Imagine all the convenience that you will have within your grasp just because you have this tiny card provided by Western Union.

If you want to apply for the WU Netspend Prepaid card, all you need to do is either contacting their local branch which is the nearest from your location or by visiting their website. As Western Union is a massive scale financial institution, it is not impossible for its branches to be located even at the remote places. If you live in a big city, well, that’s better because there is a possibility that you will found a dozen of Western Union in your city alone.

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For online service, you can start you way by visiting the official website of WU Netspend Prepaid. All of the information regarding the service is already displayed on the website. This information, obviously, includes on how to apply for the service and any other details regarding the features which come with the service.

What you should remember, however, for this prepaid service—which can acts as debit and credit card—not everyone, are qualified for this service. So, don’t be discouraged when you are not qualified to have this WU Netspend Prepaid card. There is still a bunch of opportunity will come to you. So, in the meantime, you can slowly fill all the other requirements.