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Learning from a trusted portal can be a good idea to let your kids improve their reading skills. But, you have to find the best website that provides good reading materials. Maybe, Www Raz Kids Com can be your best choice that provides so many eBooks for kids to learn, read, and listen to various genres.

Www Raz Kids Com is cool website that can help any kids in the world get more knowledge and fun reading materials. Also, Raz Kids also provides a wide variety of interesting books that will not make the kids bored. Of course, reading some books can make the kids improve their skills, memory, vocabulary, and increase their knowledge.

So, the existence of Raz Kids will be the best way for kids to improve their reading skills. Anyway, what will you get from Www Raz Kids Com?

  1. Raz Kids provides more than 800 eBooks that the kids can read online or they can also access them with their smartphone. The eBook will always be updated regularly.
  2. Kids cannot only read eBooks, but they also have a chance to listen to the reading, so they will know what the words say.
  3. In the last activity, the kids will take some quizzes to know their understanding of the text they have read.
  4. Raz Kids also has teachers that will guide the kids to read the books according to the level and determine if the kids can go to the next level.
  5. Www Raz Kids Com is always available for 24 hours online.
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Next, how do kids join the program? Simply, the kids need to sign up first and then log in using their usernames and passwords. For a new member, Www Raz Kids Com provides a free trial program for the kids who join. In this case, the students will get a new username and password that they can use to access Raz Kids books.

On Raz Kids website, the students can read many storybooks. In addition to storybooks, they may also read some non-fiction books like a song, poetry, nursery rhymes, and much more. In this case, the kids will also know some types of books to read.

What about the Raz Kids book quality? Of course, you are no need to doubt Www Raz Kids Com learning program because Raz Kids has earned many achievements or awards since a few years ago. Some of the awards are:

  1. Codie Award Finalist as Best ESL, ELL or World Language Acquisition Solution
  2. Eddie Award Winner as Multi-Level Reading Resource Website in 2016
  3. Codie Award Winner as Best Solution for Special Needs Students in 2016.
  4. Bett Award Finalist as Educational Apps in 2016
  5. Bessie Award Winner as Best Reading Resource Website Multi-Level in 2015
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Well, that’s all you need to know about Www Raz Kids Com if you want to let your kids become smart students. So, you can access www.raz-kids.com immediately and do not forget to sign up for a new member and log in for a member and then read all of the eBooks available.